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Developmental Disabilities Program

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The Developmental Disabilities Program/ Coordinators of Community Service is the local link to the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA). The program is designed to advocate for individuals and their families and assist to navigate the DDA system both for children and adults with developmental disabilities. 

Coordinators of Community Service (CCS) will assist individuals with locating natural supports and local services to assist the individual in living the good life. CCS will process eligibility for DDA, identify appropriate services and resources, assist in obtaining needed services that will enable individuals to live with as much independence as possible.

Who Should Apply for DDA Services?

Anyone with severe, chronic disability, other than the sole diagnosis of Mental Illness and who needs/or will need residential, day, or support services may apply. Interpreter services are available.

Eligibility for Services

Eligibility depends upon your type of disability, its effects on your ability to live independently, and your age when you became disabled. DDA services are not an entitlement.

How to Apply?

To apply for services, any Talbot County resident may make a referral by calling 410-819-5600 or complete a Referral Form which can be mailed or faxed.

Resources and Additional Information

Program Contact
Sue Ludwig, Coordinator
Phone: (410) 819-5600
Fax: (410) 819-5683
After Hours: (443) 890-9912