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Children with Special Needs

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The Talbot County Health Department is committed to helping children with special needs and their families.

We provide the Children and Youth with Specific Health Care Needs Program to address needs that are otherwise unmet. The program is staffed by a full time Registered Nurse.

Additional resources may be available through our Developmental Disabilities Program. More information on that program is provided at the bottom of this page.


Anyone from birth through age 21 with a disability, chronic illness, or health-related, educational or behavioral problem is eligible.


  • Case management and resource/care coordination:
    • Assistance to families navigating the special needs and health care systems. 
    • Services are provided by phone and in-person consultation, assessment, home visits. 
    • Assistance covers many issues, including medical, social, financial, educational, developmental, and behavioral. 
    • The length of time the support and coordination are provided is determined by the individual’s needs.
  • Assistance in obtaining gray area or gap filling services to address needs or services that are not covered by insurance or have costly copayments.
  • Assistance in locating and accessing specialty services and transportation.
  • Support and liaison services for special education concerns. This includes assisting families to learn about the Special Education process, acting as a resource and accompanying parents to IEP meetings and/or school conferences as requested.
  • Assistance with applications and follow-up for funding from Children’s Medical Services.  This program is part of the Maryland Department of Health and provides funding for the uninsured and underinsured if certain medical and financial eligibility criteria are met.


To find out more about the program and if your child is eligible, contact Raven Sampson at (410) 819-5677.

Developmental Disabilities Program

To find out more about services that may be offered through the Maryland Developmental Disabilities program (DDP) and Transitioning Youth Program, visit the DDP section of our website.