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School Health

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School Health by TCHD

The Health Department provides School Health services to all students who attend Talbot County Public Schools. School health services are available during all normal school hours. 

The School Health program’s goal is to provide physical, psychological, social and emotional support and guidance to the students and families of children who attend Talbot County Public Schools. School Health Services are instrumental in bridging the gap between health, wellness, and optimal learning. The health room staff serve as advocates for families and students interacting with Talbot County Public School staff, Choptank Community Health, Talbot County Health Department, physicians, and other agencies. 

School nurses have an integral part in emergency/disaster preparedness and crisis response for students and staff. School nurses are also instrumental in referring students to the appropriate agencies for services related to such issues as addictions, mental health, communicable disease, health insurance, and pregnancy. The program is funded by the Talbot County Council and Maryland Department of Health.

Services provided include:

  • Acute and chronic care of illness and injuries
  • Case management for children with special needs
  • Development of nursing and emergency care plan
  • Referrals for mental health and addictions
  • Emergency care as needed
  • Medication administration and coordination (including delegation to certified assistants)
  • Guidance to parents about health issues involving their student. 

School nurses also participate on committees (SST, 504, IEP, crisis, monthly school nurse meetings), audit school health records for compliance with applicable laws, and provide health related training to school staff. School nurses also manage the triage and referral process to Choptank Health’s school-based health centers.

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Immunization Requirements

Maryland State law requires all students enrolled in prekindergarten through Grade 12 to receive age-appropriate immunizations. The school must have proof of immunization before allowing a student to begin school.

The Health Department helps to provide affordable immunizations for eligible school-aged children. Visit our Child Immunization page for complete information.

Maryland Schools Vaccine Requirements, 2023-2024 School Year

Choptank Community Health School-based Health & Dental

Choptank Community Health operates School-Based Health Centers (SBHC) in most Talbot County public schools. Any student enrolled in the SBHC program can receive care at any Choptank Health location and can receive care regardless of online or in-person attendance.

Each Choptank Community Health School-Based Health Center is staffed by licensed, advanced practice clinicians, including Certified Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. 

The centers function like a typical doctor’s office, with medical providers assessing and diagnosing illness, writing prescriptions, performing lab tests—including strep and COVID—and performing physicals. 

Additionally, SBHCs offer dentistry (screenings, cleanings, dental sealants, fluoride treatments, emergency visits) and behavioral health services (individual and family therapy, coping skills, and building self-esteem).


  • Easton Elementary School
  • Easton Middle School
  • Easton High School
  • St. Michael’s Campus
  • White Marsh Elementary

Students at Chapel Elementary and Tilghman Elementary may be seen at other schools.

Enrollment & More Information

To learn more about Choptank Health’s School-Based Health Centers, including enrollment and financial forms and individual school health center contact information, visit the Choptank Community Health website.