Talbot County Department of Health
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Leadership & Board of Health

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Maria A. Maguire, MD
Health Officer

The Talbot County Health Department is led by Dr. Maguire. The role of the Health Officer is to oversee all operations of the Health Department and enforce State health laws and the policies, rules, and regulations adopted by the Maryland Department of Health and the County Board of Health.

In accordance with State law, the Talbot County Council serves as the ex officio the board of health for the county. They sit as the Board of Health in May and October of each year and any other time they consider necessary. For the schedule of these meetings, please contact the Council’s Office at (410) 770-8001. 

The role of the Board of Health is to coordinate the activities of the Department with the Health Officer and report to the Maryland Department of Health on the sanitary conditions of the county whenever necessary. It is also empowered to set fees or charges in connection with its rules and regulations. Most importantly, the Board of Health may adopt and enforce rules and regulations on any nuisance or cause of disease in the county. 

The Board of Health also evaluates the performance of the Health Officer, in conjunction with the Secretary of Health.