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Medical Assistance Transportation

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Program Overview & Contact

The Medical Assistance Transportation Program provides non­emergency medical transportation source for Talbot County Medicaid recipients who have no other means of transportation. This program is NOT for emergency medical transportation services, nor does it cover transportation for other services than medical appointments. 

The medical service for which transportation is provided must also be covered by the Maryland Medicaid Program.

Talbot County Health Department contracts with Delmarva Community Services/Delmarva Community Transit (DCT) to transport eligible ambulatory and wheelchair clients to their medical appointments.

Riders must have an active medical assistance number.


Phone: (410) 819-5609 or (410) 819­5648

Fax: (410) 819-5683

Eligibility Determination & Application

To determine if you are eligible for the Medical Assistance Transportation Program, you must be able to answer “YES” to each of the following questions:

Do you have a current Medicaid number (red & white Medicaid card)?

Do you require transportation to your medical appointments?

Is this your only source of transportation?

Is the medical appointment covered by your Medicaid insurance?

If you are able to answer yes, then you must complete an application for the program before you can schedule transportation.

Program Rules & Regulations

  • The Medical Assistance Transportation Program is to be used by qualified clients who have no other source of transportation available to them. This transportation is used only as a last resort.
  • The Maryland Medicaid Program must cover the medical services you are requesting transportation to. MA clients with QMB, PAC, SLMB, MPAP and Medicare only, DO NOT qualify for this MA Transportation service.
  • Transportation for in county appointments require a 48-hour notice
  • Transportation for all out of county appointments requires 72-hour notice plus any requested documents.
  • Transportation to the pharmacy is a covered benefit but clients are encouraged to fill prescriptions immediately following the medical appointment.
  • Transportation is limited to the recipient, a parent or guardian for the recipient who is a minor and/or one attendant for clients who are unable to travel alone.
  • An adult must accompany minor children. Each child transported must have a scheduled medical appointment that is covered by the MA Program.
  • Transportation requests for appointments outside of the area MUST BE PRE­AUTHORIZED by Talbot County Health Department.
  • An attendant must accompany all clients riding in wheelchairs unless the client is able to manage getting to and from their appointment independently
  • Transportation requests must be cancelled at least two (2) hours before your scheduled pick­up time, but preferably sooner.
  • The transportation provider is NOT A TAXI SERVICE. Individual service will not be honored. Rides will always be scheduled for multiple clients.
  • Drivers are NOT ALLOWED to wait until the recipient completes his/her appointment.
  • Although return transportation is scheduled by contacting the transportation provider at the time of conclusion of the appointment, the provider must be informed in advance if you will not require round trip transportation.
  • Return transportation will be scheduled as soon as possible but may require a wait of up to one hour for local trips. Recipients are reminded to take sufficient medications and snacks with them in case they are away from home longer than anticipated. Out of county trips will take longer because of the transportation of multiple clients, traffic, weather, and locations.
  • Parents of minor children are required to provide their own car seats or booster seats and are required to strap the seats in themselves. Failure to provide these items will require you to re­schedule your minor child(s) appointment.

Program Limitations

  • No emergency transportation services.
  • Not a Medicare service.
  • No transportation to or from Veteran’s Administration hospitals unless it is to receive treatment for a non­military condition.
  • No transportation to or from any correctional institution.
  • No transportation of recipients committed by the courts to mental institutions.
  • No transportation between a nursing facility and a hospital, for routine diagnostic tests, nursing services, or physical therapy, which can be performed at the nursing facility.
  • No transportation services from a facility for treatment when the treatment is provided by the facility in which the recipient is located.
  • No transportation to receive non-medical services.
  • No gratuities of any kind can be accepted.
  • No transportation between a medical day care facility and the recipient’s home.
  • No transportation to or from a State facility while the patient is a resident of that facility.
  • No transportation of non­medical assistance recipients.
  • No trips related to education, recreational activities, disability screenings, or employment.
  • No transportation of anyone other than the recipient, except for an attendant accompanying a minor child or when an attendant is medically necessary and has been authorized to ride.
  • No wheelchair van service for ambulatory services.
  • No ambulance service for a recipient who does not need to be transported in a prone position.
  • No transportation between a community rehabilitation program and the recipient’s home.
  • No transportation between a day rehabilitation program and the recipient’s home.
  • No transportation to or from services that are not medically necessary.

Weather Policy

Transportation during inclement weather may be limited and availability decisions based on urgency and distance.

When there is inclement weather, please call the transportation provider (DCT) at (410) 822­4155 after 7:00 a.m. to verify if MA transportation is operating. If you get a recording, they are closed and there will be no transportation services that day.
PLEASE NOTE: In the event transportation is delayed or cancelled due to weather or scheduling demands, it is your responsibility to notify your health care provider of any impact on your scheduled appointment.

Comments & Complaints

Comments, questions, or complaints regarding service, equipment ,or scheduling may be addressed to the Talbot County Health Department, MA Transportation Program at (410) 819­5609 or (410) 819-5648.